Green Capital S.A.


Members of our team have over 10 years of very comprehensive work experience on the RES market. We have been gaining our knowledge and experience from the beginning of the creation of this segment in Poland. We see the changes occuring in our market and create the best possible business solutions, to accommodate them. Long-term cooperation with our partners, representing international financing institutions, executive entities as well as smaller, local entrepreneurs, has allowed us to perfectly understand the needs of investors and developers, thanks to which, we create a win-win environment.

Green Capital S.A. Team has taken part in the creation and development of about 440 MW wind farms and about 10 MW photovoltaic plants. We can call ourselves an active participant in the green energy producing market, as part of them are still operating under our jurisdiction.


Aiming to maintain our fast growth, we are opening ourselves to new international markets, planning expansion to different countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. We plan to further expand our portfolio of wind farm and photovoltaic plant projects.


We have photovoltaic projects which are all ready to be sold to investors. We welcome you to contact us and define your needs, so our team may prepare a tally of projects which may best suit your needs.


We are looking for partners to develop projects in Poland and other European African and Asian countries to jointly develop new RES projects.

If you have photovoltaic projects in different stages of development and you want to take part in development of such projects, contact us and we will get back to you with potential cooperation offers. We are also interested in projects with a ready Building Permit, which we may buy from you or realise together.