Land lease

Photovoltaic power plants

As a developer, we are actively developing a portfolio of solar power plants throughout Poland, therefore we are looking for real estate and land on which we could locate large-scale solar farms.

We are interested in land that meets the following requirements:

  • an area of at least 1 ha,
  • earth class IV or weaker,
  • distance from medium voltage lines up to 800 m,
  • without trees and other elements shading the allotment,
  • free from encumbrances in the Land and Mortgage Register (clean mortgage),

If you have a property with the specified characteristics and are wondering how to make money on it – please contact us. We will carry out a free location audit and evaluate the possibility of investing in a farm project on your plot.

The course of the lease process

  1. You, as the owner of the land, send us information about your interest in leasing the land together with data on the real estate.

  2. We analyze the received data regarding real estate in terms of investment and make contact. In the case of positive verification, we suggest meeting our representative.

  3. During the meeting, our employee will present to you the offer and discuss in detail the provisions of the lease agreement.

  4. If interested, we will sign a contract together.

  5. We will start designing a photovoltaic farm and start the process of obtaining permits required by law. We will take care of all administrative formalities. You, as the owner of the land, do not bear any costs related to it.

  6. We will consult with you about the construction design so that you can refer to its assumptions and approve the location of the investment.

  7. We will pay the agreed rent in advance for each year of the contract. The first rent will be paid when construction starts.

  8. After the farm is built and during its operation, we will pay you the agreed rent indexed by the inflation rate each year.

Why is it worth leasing the land to us?

  • We guarantee high income for many years,
  • We provide security and financial stability to you and your loved ones,
  • We provide real estate development effectively and legally,
  • We cover all investment costs,
  • We cover the costs of all fees and taxes related to the property,
  • We provide the possibility of using your property under the current purpose and collecting benefits until the beginning of the investment on our part,
  • We provide energy security for the local community,
  • We support the security of the Polish energy system and access to a clean natural environment.

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