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Green Capital S.A. located in Warsaw, Poland is an investment subject, working on the capital, property and RES markets. Michal Polanowski, the founder and originator of this project in the last few years has created a company with a share capital of over 45M PLN. Wanting to extend the scale of the whole ordeal into new markets, he has decided to create a joint-stock company. It joins passion and many years of experience of a group of specialists, managers and investors from different industries. As an interdisciplinary group of experts, we bring modern and complex solutions. We help our contractors make the best decisions, as well as supporting their growth. We welcome you to familiarize with our pasic areas of activity.

The founder and managing director of our company – Michal Polanowski has gained multiple sports championship titles during his career, among these: both World and European Champion in windsurfing. His sports career started in 2002. During his many international trips, seeing the most remote corners of the world, an idea sparked in his mind to make use of both wind and sun which were with him throughout his sports career in a different way – for business and improving environment. This led to the vision of creating a capital group, which realises ecological investments. From this moment on, new successes, this time not sports related but entrepreneurial, have been added to his already thick portfolio.



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Aleje Jerozolimskie 85/21
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