Our mission

Our mission is to promote clean energy and co-create a zero-emission economy based on renewable resources.



Prezes Zarządu Green Capital S.A.

Our vision is to achieve a total installed capacity of 36,900 MW of grid-connected assets in the Green Capital Group by 2040. Our company will constantly seek new investment opportunities, including the development of hydrogen projects, production and distribution.
We are determined that our actions will contribute to the global energy transition, enabling future generations to benefit from clean and sustainable energy sources.

Strategy until 2040

Geographic Expansion:

Our strategy is to expand into more markets, with an emphasis on growth in already existing regions, and to enter new markets in Asia and in politically stable areas. We plan to focus on milestones in current markets, as well as raise financing for new projects.


We plan to focus on technologies such as energy storage (Bess), wind farms (FW), photovoltaic (PV) panels and hydroelectric power plants, with the percentage of each technology adjusted according to market needs.

Building competitive advantages

We intend to build a complete “green field development” supply chain, including construction, EPCm, operation and energy trading, while striving for high team and process efficiency.