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In Namibia, Green Capital operates from Windhoek, strategically positioned to tap into the region’s vast potential for renewable energy. Leveraging the expertise of a seasoned team, Green Capital Namibia is actively engaged in developing solar and wind projects, with a project pipeline exceeding 200 MW. In addition, the company has an appetite for bringing one of the biggest green hydrogen projects in the region.

Dinah Mutanimiye
Tiofilia Nunyango


In Argentina, Green Capital is focusing on developing wind power projects by combining them with green hydrogen production facilities. In areas with strong winds, the company plans to install wind turbines that will supply energy to electrolyzers, producing low-carbon hydrogen for use as a clean energy source. This holistic approach aims not only to increase the regions’ energy independence but also to strengthen Argentina as a leader in innovative RES solutions.

Nicolas Ibagon


Green Capital Morocco is implementing a revolutionary off-grid project that combines wind energy sources with hydrogen production. Green Capital plans to install wind plants in strategic areas of the country to power state-of-the-art electrolyzers that will convert wind energy into hydrogen, to later export it in the form of ammonia. The project will not only contribute to the sustainable development of rural areas in Morocco but will also strengthen the country’s position as a leader in hydrogen production on a global scale.

Houssam Abou-Otmane


In Poland, Green Capital has strategically positioned itself as a key player in the renewable energy sector, operating from its offices in Warsaw, Gdynia, and Aleksandrów Kujawski. Specializing in wind, solar and battery energy storage projects, the company collaborates closely with local partners to develop initiatives with a collective capacity nearing 2 GW built by 2032. According to the plans, this will include 800 MW of capacity in wind farms and 1,300 MW in photovoltaics and ESS. As Poland pursues its renewable energy development goals, Green Capital’s efforts aim to play a significant role in enhancing the country’s energy security and supporting a greener future landscape.

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As part of its involvement in Ukraine, Green Capital is working with local partners, focusing mainly on PV projects and wind farms. In addition, the company plans to invest in energy storage systems to effectively manage fluctuations in energy production and increase the liquidity of supply. Green Capital aims not only to increase the share of renewable energy sources in the country’s energy mix, but also to support Ukraine’s sustainable economic development.



In the Czech market, Green Capital focuses mainly on the development of photovoltaic projects. To optimize plant operations, the company uses innovative technologies such as smart solar tracking systems. This advanced approach supports the Czechs’ drive in the energy transition, increasing the share of RES in the national mix and accelerating the shift away from fossil fuels. Moreover, the company works on a cross-border energy project linking Poland with the Czech Republic, which includes both a photovoltaic farm and a wind park with a total capacity of 500 MW.



Tanzania serves as a key arena for Green Capital’s renewable endeavors, with a focus on solar initiatives. Green Capital Tanzania, in collaboration with local stakeholders, is advancing a few solar projects totaling 30 MW. These strategically located projects signify the initial strides in Green Capital’s commitment to contribute substantially to Tanzania’s solar energy landscape and improve the grid’s condition.

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Green Capital continues to develop its projects, not only with today’s energy needs in mind but more importantly considering Kenya’s business future. The ongoing investments are also strategic, steering the country towards economic and environmental stability supported by RES. The company’s current focus is on 2 PV farms with a total capacity of 80 MW, which, located in strategic places in the power system, will improve its condition by removing obstacles related to voltage drops and power shortages.


South Africa

Green Capital’s presence in South Africa, headquartered in Johannesburg, underscores its commitment to advancing the renewable energy sector in the country. The team in RSA boasts extensive experience in wind and solar development. With a diversified project portfolio exceeding 400MW, Green Capital RSA is actively contributing to South Africa’s energy transition, positioning Green Capital RSA as a key player in the nation’s renewable energy landscape.

Mantsha Matshitsa
Frank Redelinghuys
Deon Wolfaardt
Południowa Afryka


In the case of Mauritius, Green Capital is focusing its efforts on developing photovoltaic power and energy storage projects, taking advantage of unique geographic conditions. By taking advantage of the region’s abundant sunshine, the company plans to develop photovoltaic projects that will supply clean energy to the national system. In addition, the deployment of energy storage systems in the local grid will protect the region from power outages. This comprehensive approach aims to sustainably meet Mauritius’ energy needs while supporting the island state’s environmental goals.



In Tunisia, Green Capital is mainly focusing on developing wind farms in desert areas of the country. In addition, the company is using innovative solutions such as solar tracking technology to optimize the performance of PV panels, which allow efficient use of available resources. This is not only a modern approach to energy production, but also a way to sustainably develop areas with little economic attraction.



In Croatia Green Capital follows the typical business model of full-circle development of the RES projects from land acquisition by the means of lease or purchase to energy generation. We are interested in partnership with local developers and businesses which have access to applicable land plots as well as would seriously consider investing into semi-developed or fully permitted Wind, Solar or BESS projects.



Romania is one of our most important markets where Green Capital is building the pipeline of sustainable Wind, PV and Energy Storage projects. We are focused on medium to large sized power plants, using the most advanced technology to provide efficient energy solutions. Our projects aim to contribute to the energetical independence of the entire region and to provide reasonably priced energy to the growing industrial sector and public sectors.



In Bulgaria, Green Capital is focusing on 50-100 MW projects in all regions of the country. By perfectly integrating the country’s grid into the European energy space, Green Capital is making business in Bulgaria a top priority, and the company is currently hiring a team to expand its presence in the country. They are placing special emphasis on BESS projects, which should contribute to grid stability following the recent increase in renewable energy generation.


In Serbia, Green Capital sees huge potential, and is aiming to develop PV and wind projects of more than 2 GW with integrated energy storage solutions in the next 2 years. With their team in place, they are open to considering greenfield opportunities as well as early-stage projects.

Baltic countries

In the Baltics, Green Capital is working on selected wind and solar projects and is working with local partners on energy storage. The company currently has several projects in the appraisal phase with capacities ranging from 50 to 170 MW to be implemented in the next 2 years, aiming at efficient use of renewable energy sources. A transparent legal system and growing demand for electricity make the markets of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania undoubtedly attractive.
Baltic countries

Solar and wind farms – map

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WF01   Ruja                                      79,2 MW

WF02   Krotoszyn                           16,8 MW

WF03   Mikołajki Pomorskie          15 MW

PV01    Pelplin                                  250 MW

PV02    Gałwuny                             2 MW

PV03    Biskupiec Kolonia              2 MW

  Photovoltaic farms                           Wind farms

  Photovoltaic farms under construction   Wind farms under construction

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**Source: compiled by Green Capital SA, as of February 14, 2023.