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We are a capital group that has been co-creating the renewable energy market in Europe for years, consisting of several dozen companies with share capital exceeding 185 million PLN.

The capital group is headed by a joint stock company called Green Capital. We execute our investments comprehensively, starting with obtaining all administrative permits, through construction, to the long-term operation of our investments, i.e. the production and sale of clean electricity.

Our daily and persistent work contributes to the improvement of energy security of our country, improves the quality of the natural environment and permanently increases our share in the electricity production market.

We started our activity in the renewable energy sector in 2008, designing and building wind farms, participating in the development of about 400 MW of wind turbines. Gained competences and knowledge necessary to execute complex investment processes are effectively used in currently executed projects. We have gone through several stages of development to finally specialise in large-scale photovoltaic farms, wind farms and energy storage facilities. Today we can say with absolute certainty that we know what we are doing.

Photovoltaics farm
Wind farm
We are the pioneer of the photovoltaic market in Poland, where we were among the first to build photovoltaic farms back in 2015.

In 2019, we reached a 4% market share in large-scale photovoltaic farms, becoming the leader in the sector of farms with a capacity of more than 1 MW.

Recently, Green Capital has also strengthened its activity in other markets in Europe, Africa and South America. In these regions the company plans its growth based on the design, construction and operation of diversified renewable energy sources, energy storage and transmission networks.

Currently, we are developing a total capacity of over 36,900 MW, encompassing a diverse portfolio of projects at various stages of development, from conceptualization to nearing completion. and have a share of projects with connection conditions issued of about 4.1% in Poland. Additionally, our portfolio includes 300 MW of ready-to-build (RTB) projects and 35 MW of our own, already constructed renewable energy farms.

Our mission is to promote clean energy and contribute to the creation of a zero-emission economy based on renewable sources.

Dear Sir or Madam
My name is Michał Polanowski – I am the founder and President of Green Capital SA and I have the great pleasure to propose you a cooperation opportunity. With our support you will realize your dreams of passive income from the lease of your land.
As an athlete – World and European Champion in windsurfing and an entrepreneur with fifteen years of experience in the RES industry, I know very well that every decision requires thought and speed of action. I also know that increasing the production of energy from renewable sources is the right direction for the development of the global economy, which will contribute to energy security and improve the quality of the environment on our planet.
If, like us, you are thinking about a project which will bring you tangible economic and ecological benefits, I would like to invite you to cooperate with us on behalf of Green Capital S.A. and our team.
Yours sincerely,

Michał Polanowski

CEO of Green Capital

Michał Polanowski